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Extractions and Oral Surgery

It’s easy to take our teeth for granted.  Usually, it takes a toothache, or an injury, to realize how much we really depend on them.  When teeth become damaged or decayed, it can seriously impact your life.  For this reason, a tooth extraction may be the best option.

There are various reasons why teeth have to be removed.  Particularly, decay, disease, and trauma are the culprits.  Extractions of teeth can be simple or complex.  Because your teeth are unique, even a simple extraction can turn into a complex one.  A simple extraction involves using a local anesthetic, so the tooth can be removed without pain.  This process results in lifting the tooth away from the bone and tissue around it.

Conversely, a complex extraction involves a specialized procedure.  In addition to the anesthetic, a dental hand-piece will remove the bone from around the tooth, which allows the tooth to be lifted in a safe manner.  Removing a tooth is an art form: It requires delicate maneuvering in order to prevent further damage.  We understand that a tooth extraction can be unnerving.  At Silver Leaf Dental, we will ensure that you are comfortable before, during, and after the procedure.

We are also able to help with those problematic wisdom teeth (third molars).

Whether you’ve injured a tooth while mountain-biking on the Western Slope, or suffered from long-term decay, we are here to help. Contact us today to discuss extraction options, or other oral surgeries.


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