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Dental Cleanings and Periodontal Therapy Services

Let’s say that you brush your teeth every night and day, and even floss.  Great job!  However, that’s still not enough to maintain healthy teeth. As it has already been noted, oral hygiene plays a large role in overall oral health, and the success of any dental treatments. That’s why it’s imperative to have your teeth cleaned regularly by a professional.

The periodontium consists of the gums, bone, and tissue that surround the tooth.  When you visit Silver Leaf Dental, we will thoroughly evaluate these structures and provide the appropriate type of cleaning.  Your teeth will feel squeaky clean when we remove calculus (tartar), stains, and plaque, which is vital to maintaining your teeth for a lifetime.  Currently, the standard recommendation for cleaning is every 6 months.

If there are problems with your periodontium, you may need a deeper cleaning. Plaque and tartar can build up under the gums where you can’t reach. This leads to loss of gums, tissue, and bone, around the teeth.  Since this requires more intensive care, it can usually take 2 appointments to complete the deep cleaning.  Remember, you comfort is our priority, and we’ll make sure that you’re relaxed for this deep clean.  Do you have concerns about your teeth or gums? Or is it just time to schedule your cleaning or evaluation?  Call our Montrose office and make an appointment today. 


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